Time To Play Some Games Yet?

We are in our last phase of game suggestions to you folks! After this we will take some break and then come back only when we are addicted to a game and it must be shared with you. For now we suggest you stick to playing the games we have already suggested. Common Folks! We have suggested you about 12 games by now. Are you even playing a single one of them? All these games are most popular games actually and if you are not playing them then what is the chance of you playing the new games that we share? Nevertheless our job is to suggest you these games, so here it goes.

We talk about a Shark now! A Hungry Shark! Actually there is a game on iOS and Android devices that is becoming very popular these days and it is called hungry shark evolution. You can guess from the name of the game that this game is about a hungry shark and your task will be to make sure that the shark eats the items it should and reject the items it should. Get as many coins and health products as you can is your prime task. You will not be able to avoid the harmful items and so your shark will most definitely lose health, so important of food items is a lot to regain health before your shark dies. Important coins is such that you can only upgrade your current account or get new sharks with the use of coins. There is also Gems in the game that can help you buy lots of helpful packs in the game. But coins and gems are available for free on the internet, see hungry shark evolution free gems hack. Get yourself lots of coins today!

Now is the time for a classical fighting game. Shadow Fight 2 is an underground secret classical fighting game, similar to a role playing game where you get to battle your enemies secretly. You must defeat your enemies in a one vs one battle. Use all the skills you know like leg shot, or hand punches or even use of weapons that you are holding on your hand. The idea is to defeat your enemy some how. Once you begin to win fights, you will gain coins and gems as rewards and you can use these rewards to learn new skills, upgrade your weapons and armor as well. This upgrade will help you fight harder battles that will fetch more rewards. If you face difficulty in progressing, try this shadow fight 2 free gems hack and you won’t find it difficult anymore.

How Popular Can A Game Get?

How Popular Can a game get? If we take a look at the popularity of some of the top grossing games then they are having some 50 million downloads and in some cases 100 million too. It is almost like a new country in itself if you assume 100 million to live, that is more than the population of some countries in this world. So we were just wondering that how popular can some games become? These games are like Legend in itself. Today we will exclusively look at two popular games from the same developer. Imagine how much money these developers have made.

Dragon City and Monster Legends are two very popular games that were developed by a company from Spain. What really worked in their favor is their sheer thinking. The kind of unique concept they have built into their games is what has really clicked with people. I remember the craze of people when Dragon City first came. It was amazing and the way they thought about such a brilliant concept that this game called Dragon City is proudly representing 50 million players world wide. The second game they came out is Monster Legends and that game is also a lot of fun. It did not receive fifty million players as it was a similar game and many thought to continue playing the older game where they have already progressed a lot. Why play another game that is so similar? But with some short comings in the first game, they corrected it with their second game and thus monster legends were developed.

In a game like Dragon City, dragons are needy creatures, they require food from time to time and they will level up and offer you more gold. Dragon Breeding also takes a long time to happen and that can be frustrating at times. Dragon City is a fantastic game but with a few short comings like waste of time it does is not great. If you ever feel that the game is getting boring and slow, you must take a look at this website which has developed a dragon city hack tool. They are saying that this hack is the most powerful hack ever built and it can fetch you gold, food and gems instantly.

Monster Legends has a similar problem and here the game is more difficult as each player has to battle even computer armies of monsters in the adventure map. Then there is Arena player vs player battles that one needs to take care of and don’t forget fight tournaments that are held time to time. With so much battles it becomes more important to quickly get as many strong legendary monsters in your account. Now it is not possible to get your hands on legendary monsters so quickly unless you make use of some sort of script or software. As we shared above, this website promises you a monster legends hack tool and they say that this hack can get you unlimited gems free of cost. So if this works then people can stop wasting their time and just play quickly and fast.

Dragon City Tournament in August

Dear Readers,

We would like to inform you that a game tournament is going to be held next month in August and the game which is doing the rounds for this month’s league is Dragon City. The most popular strategy game on smart phone is Dragon City and the fun aspect of this game is that it is a time taking game where in you would continue to play the game for years in a row if you get addicted. We know of players who are playing the game for 3 years now and still happy to continue playing. The game has not reached to fifty million just like that, something must be interesting about this game.

The tournament is being held only because it marks four years of the game now and the game still being popular means it is worth holding a tournament over it. There is no limit to the number of players that can enter the game but you must have at least 1 Legendary Dragon and 1 Executive Dragon and 1 Rare Hybrid dragon. You may alternatively hold a few Pure Dragons and that will also do the trick. The reason is that the tournament is war based and all you will do in this tournament is fight battles against your enemies. Whoever loses a battle will get one more chance to remain in the tournament and then knocked out. So be careful with the skill shots you take at your enemies.

For those people who are new to the game Dragon City, please remember that you must proceed fast in the game and breed quickly. Breed two dragons to hatch a hybrid baby. Hatch two hybrids and get a chance to grab a rare hybrid or a legendary or a executive. Keep breeding different dragons and once you will become successful. The website dragon city breeding legendary dragons is going to help you immensely in getting a shot at the strongest set of dragons in the game and with them you can enter the tournament and may as well win. Legendary Dragons can easily defeat a rare hybrid and thus you must aim for at least 3 legendary if you want to stand a chance at this competition.

Nevertheless, don’t let absence of three legendary dragons stop you from entering the competition, just enter it and enjoy even if you know you are going to lose. At the end of the day it is more about participating and having fun than about winning but let it not stop you from winning. Win if you can and if you don’t win, don’t cry. Smile at the fact that you had the guts to enter the tournament and give it a try. There will always be stronger players who are devoting more time to the game than you.

Try Out These Games For Your Own Sake

Guys, we are so happy today that we want to let you in on our secret today. We have been very happy and quite busy playing some of the games on our android smart phones lately. Today I would like to let you readers in on my very little secret. What kind of games am I playing all day long this summer holiday? Come read below and understand what games we play these days:

8 Ball Pool – We basically started learning to play Pool in the local club last month and we were so excited with this game that we were playing everyday. But club pool table rental costs a lot of money, so we decided to find other ways to get rid of our obsession. We searched for this game online and to our surprise we found 8 Ball Pool Game on our android phone itself. We downloaded the game from Play Store and started playing. In this game, we are basically play Pool with friends, family or other people. Life is easy when you get to play the second you open the game. Since we are a new player, so we lost most of the games anyway and decided to use this 8ballpoolhack website to fetch us some thousand coins and then we played like another 20 games and lost anyway. But hey! We are learning to play.

Pixel Gun 3D – The new game that we have been playing this summer is a game of Pixel Guns. This game is all about multiplayer battles and shooting. You buy weapons and then use them to shoot down your opponents. Now you can battle anytime with your friends and family or anyone who is online anywhere in the world and wants to play with you. You must employ various fighting strategies and defeat your enemies. Life is easy when you know the tricks and have good weapons to defeat your enemies. If you ever decide to play offline, you will not receive real enemies but actually computerized enemies in the form of Zombies. Another real trick that most top players use is this pixelgun3dhack software which helps these folks get lots of coins instantly and then they purchase all of their favourite weapons. If you ever wondered why you could not defeat some people then this is the reason.

We are on the look out for at least 10 more games that we can play as we have about 3-4 months of holiday.

Which Games To Play and Why?

Today we cover two very important topics when it comes to gaming. What and why? So let us begin with the Why? of gaming. The important reason why gaming is important is that it opens up your mind to different possibilities. We are big fan of strategy games and they help us explore new possibilities, ideas and perspective in life. Life is all about trying out new things, or let’s put it this way, different things. There are so many different types of games in this world that it will broaden your mind to understand what do you like or what are your interests. That is why we are big time gamers in our life.

We suggest you to start with a driving a car like game. We suggest you Hill Climb Racing. This is a fantastic racing, driving game where you get to drive a vehicle like a car or a bike in various types of terrain and you can choose to play a different vehicle or terrain each time. We love playing the Moon and even the deserts. Moon is fun because there is not much gravity there and our car flies a lot. It is so much fun playing on the Moon and it also makes us tons of cash each time we play. But then we are not really that much into earning coins as we already have a fully unlocked game, thanks to hill climb racing coins hack. This is such a great hack that it is going to help us totally finish the game in no time at all.

Another well intended game to pass your time is Subway Surfers. We are big time lovers of this game because it is a very simple game, run and run in the game and collect as many coins on the way. Get upgraded jet packs and magnets and collect more coins. This game is all about collecting coins and passing tests and getting keys as rewards. These coins and keys are going to help you collect various types of upgrades in the game like you can unlock new characters or new items in the game which makes the game more fun to play. Our game is fully unlocked, thanks to subway surfers coins hack, it has given us new perspective in life. We now are more addicted to this game.

Android Is The Next King Of Games

Android is one of the most famous operating software of today’s world. There are nearly 50% devices, the smart phones accessing on the network of Android and other 50% are on iOS devices. The basic thing about android that you need to know is that it is very famous and it is only going to grow going forward. The best plan is to adapt to Android and capture the user base as soon as possible. This has been the model of all these game developers and thus we have millions of games today in this world. Today we are going to speak about a few of these android games that are really famous.

Strategy Games: In Strategy games we are going to speak on Clash of Clans, Jungle Heat. These are a few games that are really famous because of the sheer technology that has been involved in planning of this game. This is a strategy game which involves every user employing some sort of a strategy be in defense or offense. In Defense you plan your base along with walls and defensive buildings and when it comes to offense, correct use of troops and proper attack strategies are required. But remember that no matter what strategies you employ, if you don’t happen to have your hands on the gems, you are basically useless in these type of games. You must possess free gems if you want to get anywhere in a game like clash of clans.

Another type of game that we wanted to discuss is a virtual pet game. It is a virtual reality game based on an alien pet that has landed on our planet and fortunately or unfortunately it has landed at your doorsteps. You must take care of your alien pet if you don’t want it to die. Take them inside, play with them and specially feed them so they don’t die. One of the most important ways to take care of your Pou is to keep it happy. The game will tell you what exactly pou wants from you and you do it for them. For each activity they will award you coins. Overall it is a slow process but if you happen to get your hands on their in game coins, you can fast forward the game. To get your hands on Pou game coins, you must develop a hack for Pou. Without a proper functioning hack there is no way you can stay on top of the ladder. Best of luck fella!

Global Tournament Opening – Cheap Games

Hi folks! We had promised all of you that we are going to open up the game portal to a wide variety of games and with that we are going to keep you guys updated about all types of game tournament openings. Recently we got in touch with FIFA game organizers. FIFA organizers are kick starting a FIFA 16 game tournament online. In this tournament players from across the globe can apply and take part. Prizes of up to a million dollars has been announced already. This is going to be one of the biggest tournaments ever played on the history of this planet. FIFA 16 is one of the latest and a cheap game, a pretty good one from EA Games and within a month or less of it’s launch we are already headed for the world’s biggest game event live.

Play FIFA Live

This game is going to be played LIVE and so you must require a good internet connection. Don’t worry about the LAG effect as they are going to make use of cloud computing technology that the latest gaming consoles offer. The tournament organizers assume that all the gamers are running latest consoles that support social gaming and the latest AMD processor and technology. We are planning to join this tournament using xbox live codes free membership. Xbox One is one of the best gaming consoles to connect to the online game server and play FIFA 16. Read reviews to understand why FIFA 16 runs better on Xbox than on Sony PS4.

Other Cheap Games Tournament

As we believe that FIFA is a really cheap game to buy and play and thus good for students and non working people. There are going to be many more cheap games tournaments which are going to be held this month. We will put up the list of all such openings and tournaments in our website. Meanwhile before we are able to put up all details, please take a look at cheap games websites to learn what kinds of games have a possible chance of being played in live tournaments in coming months. That website sells cheap games and offers them to tournament organizers to make live tournaments. This is how it works, so take a look there.

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Love Quotes Tournament Openings

As you guys know, we are #1 tournament opening information website. We give you detailed information on various forms of tournaments all the time. Just few days ago we talked about android game tournaments that were being held online. Today we have come up with new type of tournament information. This tournament is called Love Quotes Tournament. In this tournament you will have to report in person to the venue and the competition is about who can showcase their love using love quotes and the public will cheer. This tournament is similar to your street dance competition where two groups or individuals perform and public cheers to make one person or group win. Here the competition is about love and the winner will be the one who beats the other person using his knowledge about love. Showcase as many strong love quotes as possible and make the other person lose out of words and then you win. Each person has to beat the other person with a more romantic love quote. If you want to qualify for the tournament, just bring your girlfriend and say some of the best love quotes for her and you can easily get selected. Make your girlfriend blush and smile with your words.

Love is nothing if you cannot express it well. Love needs to be expressed and showcased to the whole world. The girl must feel happy and must smile in your presence. Love needs time and attention, it is needy. If you can love your partner then you must also find time to give to your partner. There is no love if you don’t have time and money for it. Finding time out of your work to take your wife or girlfriend shopping is love. Finding time to go out for lunch during your office hours is love. Finding time to take her on a holiday while taking leave from office is also love. Giving her a special surprise gift on her birthday that she has wanted for long is also termed as love. Love loves surprises and if you continue to surprise your partner, she will be madly in love with you.

We hope you understand what Love is and you will come well prepared for the tournament. This tournament will begin on 25th December and will carry on till 31st December and end with a bash, a new year party. It will obviously be a couple party so make sure your girlfriend or your wife comes with you. Only couple entry will be allowed, so don’t come alone wandering away. Hope you can enjoy the tournament as much as we expect you to do.

Game Openings and Tournaments November 2015

Today we would like to get straight to the point and talk about various game openings for November 2015. Time is running out and we would like to get this done as quickly as possible. Read below for more details:

Monster Legends – Monster Legends is an incredible strategy game and we recently found out about a mega official game tournament being conducted for all the players. The entry is totally free and you don’t have to pay anything to enter the tournament. There are huge prizes to be won in this tournament and we believe you should definitely participate. To win in this game, you will also need a lot of luck. Breeding is an important concept of the game, you should know everything about it. If you are new to the game and don’t know how to breed monsters, please take a look at this monster legends breeding legendary guide that provides you with wonderful details on which monsters to breed to get those special and strong legendary monsters. Even rare monsters are very good and you can find details on that one too. The idea of the game in short is, breeding strong monsters and go fight PVP Battles and win against your enemies in the tournament. The winners will take it all, losers get nothing.

Clash of Clans – Clash of Clans, the most played game is organizing the biggest tournament ever since it’s inception. Recently COC has started advertising the game and it’s tournament details big time and we believe this tournament is going to be huge. It will take place in December and this tournament is going to be Clan Wars. A lot of special troops will be made available specifically for this tournament. The game is giving big prizes to clans that will come in top 3 and so be prepared to first be part of a strong alliance. We are hearing that a lot of clans are being re grouped and removing all noobs and less active players. People are leaving a lot of clans and joining together to make strong clans to fight. Remember that each clan can only have limited amount of players, so not every strong guy can be in the same clan. We may end up seeing about 25-50 strong clans that will compete against each other to win the tournament. This is going to be an EPIC battle that must be watched closely. Make sure you top up free coc gems because you are going to need it a lot. The team at Super Cell believes they are going to sell a lot more gems than they are going to give away to tournament winners.

Transport Tycoon – We are also hearing about a Transport Tycoon tournament for the first time. Transport Tycoon is the latest 2015 strategy game built for Facebook and Android. They are conducting a month long tournament where each player that joins, starts in a new terrain and has to build their own transport company that takes care of the town’s transport requirements. There will be a lot of requirements from mail to passenger to air to water travel and you alone have to take care of all the needs. The person with most points will win the game. It will be fun to watch out for this one, after all it is a business tycoon game, it will be interesting.

Tournament Openings Across The Globe

Our core team of developers had promised you readers that we are going to announce some of the finest tournament openings across the globe. Today we have successfully compiled a large list of tournaments that are going to occur in the coming month of October in various parts of the world. This time specially we have arranged for our academy to participate. All you people have to do is to come to our academic institution on the day of tournament, you will be kept under cam surveillance and that is it. You can participate in the tournament post registration and compete to win prestigious awards and prizes. There are a wide variety of tournaments that are going to be played, so we have something for nearly everyone, nothing to worry.

NFS Tournament: NFS is one of the top games developed by Electronic Arts games. This is basically a racing game and here in this tournament the players will be given a set of tasks to complete and people who finish the tasks the fastest will win the first round. After the first round, the knockout round will begin. In the knockout round, two to four people will be racing against each other and the winner will proceed to the next round. The knockouts will continue till one winner emerges. Depending on the amount of registrations, we will decide if this is going to be a two day or a single day event. You can practice NFS in your own PS 4 by using one of the psn codes available at PSN Codes For Free.

Batman: Batman is another fantastic game that has been developed and allows a nice multiplayer feature. In multiplayer versions, we have the ability to design the maps and that map can be played in multiplayer mode. For this exclusive tournament, we have designed a map and players will be asked to complete these maps and whoever does it first proceeds to next level. Last will begin knockouts where batman has to fight another batman. Winner takes it all. On a side note people, login to the members panel and download our latest set of best hd backgrounds, we have added a brand new BATMAN wallpaper today and it is simply stunning.

Age Of Empires: I don’t think I have to explain much here. This game is a simple fight among players. There will be 4X4 matches in the beginning, so it is going to be a team vs team match. After first round, we will begin 2X2 matches and then in the final round, 1X1 matches. In the end we will find out who is the real emperor. We don’t expect this game to be easy at all. A lot of luck is also involved as if you get a new partner, you may lose to 2 average players who can play a better team.

How do you travel to tournament centers?

Have you ever given it a thought to how you travel to your tournament centers where you have to play against the competition? Today we shall focus our discussion in and around this topic which we believe is quite an important one. A tournament is serious business, it is not like switching on your desktop and playing a friendly game of chess against the computer. We are talking about real tournaments where you have to go and compete with other players which may have come from across the country.

One of the biggest challenges one has to face when playing in tournaments is the tension, stress and pressure of aiming to win. We advice our clients who take coaching with us to reach the venue much prior to your first game timings, say about an hour or two earlier. We have often been asked as to why should they reach the venue earlier rather practicing the game. The reason is simple, we don’t want you to be stressed before your first game. Relax and go inside the hall and start playing your natural game, if you are good enough, you shall win.

Don’t DRIVE your way to the tournament

The last thing we want you to do is to drive your way to the tournament venue. Driving in a city like New York is very stressful and can add to the already high levels of pressure which you certainly don’t want. We suggest you to outsource your traveling to an external service, like Limo NJ service. These guys are going to take good care of your traveling needs. The best part is that it is totally free to use. All you have to do is to login to the website, add your source and destination address, select a preferred car of your choice and book it.

These guys are going to send your request immediately to their partners and within minutes their partners are going to contact you with their quotes and other details. All you have to do is to make a choice and those guys will send over a limousine to your home to pick you up at your preferred time. It is perfect as you have to sit at the back seat and relax while they will drive you around. The best thing to do before entering the tournament hall is to stay fresh and relaxed. While you are being drive across the city, you can sit back and practice the game on your smartphone or your laptop.